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Introducing The 0.5.3 Massive Update

The journey of creativity and innovation continues as we unveil the highly-anticipated 0.5.3 update for the Spatial Terminal Engine. With more than 120 collective hours poured into the development process just within last three days, this monumental update represents our unwavering commitment to create an unparalleled gaming experience for our ever-expanding community. As we embark on this exciting new phase, we are thrilled to share the fruits of our labor with you.

Unfolding Our Game-Changing Progress System

From our previous devlog, Devlog #1 – Transforming Builds into Engaging Experiences, we delved into the concept of Checkpoints and Endpoints, introducing an innovative mechanism that blends creativity with gameplay. Building on that foundation, we are proud to present our latest creation – the Progress System.

The Progress System significantly enhances gameplay by allowing you to trace back up to ten stages of your game state, irrespective of the mode you are in. 

For Players

Experience a whole new level of control with the ability to revert progress. Whether you need to respawn after an unexpected demise or rectify a misguided move, the Progress System ensures that your gameplay isn’t hindered by irreversible errors.

For Creators

Unleash your creativity without the fear of irreversible mistakes. Our Auto-saving and cloud-syncing feature allows you to revisit older checkpoints, giving you the liberty to experiment with your designs freely and fearlessly.

Lighting and Atmospheric Improvements

As we push the boundaries of voxel gaming, we’re thrilled to introduce our dynamic lighting system designed to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Indoor Lighting

Dive deeper into your adventures with our improved lighting simulation designed to enhance your mining and underground building experiences. From candles and torches to hanging lights, choose from a range of low-poly and high-poly lighting assets easily accessible from the Asset Board.

Outdoor Lighting

Experience an immersive weather system with our upgraded fog and light scattering features, making your outdoor adventures all the more realistic and captivating.

Tutorial Enhancements – Introducing Hints and an Upgraded Tutorial Map

In our relentless pursuit to improve user experience, we’ve also dedicated considerable effort to enhancing our tutorial system. We understand the importance of effective learning tools in navigating the vast universe of the Spatial Terminal Engine. Therefore, we’re excited to introduce the following upgrades:

Upgraded Tutorial Map – Beginner Parkour

We’ve also revamped our tutorial map, introducing ‘Beginner Parkour.’ This exciting new upgrade promises not only to be educational but also immensely entertaining, enhancing game plays and delivering a more engaging learning experience.


We’ve implemented a new ‘Hints’ feature that offers in-depth insights into various functions of our engine. These hints are event-triggered, popping up at critical moments to provide relevant guidance, ensuring you can get the most out of your Spatial Terminal Engine experience.

Our tutorial enhancements are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to fully harness the potential of the Spatial Terminal Engine. Whether you are a first-time player or an experienced creator, these new features will undoubtedly contribute to a richer and more comprehensive gameplay experience.

Graphics and Assets Upgrades: Experience Unparalleled Visuals

To make your journey through the voxel worlds even more immersive, we’ve undertaken a significant graphics upgrade, accompanied by an expansion of our built-in assets.

Fluid Lava Block

Introducing our latest addition, the fluid lava block. More damaging than its predecessor, the fluid lava block offers a vibrant, slowly moving lava flow, enhancing the realistic essence of our game.

Checkpoint and Endpoint Shaders

We’ve given our checkpoints and endpoints a visual makeover with custom shaders that significantly improve their appearance, adding to the overall visual experience of your gameplay.

Performance Enhancements: Smoother, Faster, Better

Ensuring an optimal gaming experience, we have significantly improved our game’s performance. From faster map chunk loading to reduced memory consumption, we’ve taken several strides to optimize your gameplay. Our diligent frame-drop testing and subsequent fixes ensure a seamless gaming experience, free from frame-freezing hiccups.

Other Improvements: Striving for Perfection

With over thirty minor bug fixes and UI improvements, we’re tirelessly working to perfect every aspect of the Spatial Terminal Engine. From world-building to game creation, our goal is to pivot our engine into a full-fledged game creation powerhouse. As we journey towards achieving this goal, we’re excited to introduce basic game control mechanisms, with plans to add features such as inventory, weapon and chest systems in the coming updates.

Join Our Growing Community!

Our incredible journey has led us to develop a game engine that promises an unparalleled experience for both creators and players alike. As developers, we invite you to join our passionate community, wishlist the Spatial Terminal Engine, and eagerly await our upcoming devlogs.

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Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a Minecraft builder, or an amateur game creator, the Spatial Terminal Engine invites you to explore a world of limitless creativity and endless adventures. Unleash your imagination, build your dreams, and experience voxel gaming like never before.

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