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Announcing The 0.5.4 Monumental Update

Continuing our quest to deliver the best voxel gaming and creative experience, we are thrilled to announce the latest 0.5.4 update for the Spatial Terminal Engine. This update is a substantial leap in our ongoing journey, introducing new features and upgrades designed to take your gaming experience to unprecedented levels.

Introducing Play Mode Character and Inventory

We’re delighted to debut a physical character system, adding a new layer of immersive realism to the Spatial Terminal Engine. This feature is still in its testing phase, with improvements on the way.

For Players

In the play mode, we have enriched your interactions with the world. Mining the ground and holding small things and tools is now a part of your journey. Use the 1-4 number keys or simply scroll to change your highlighted tool slot. To manage your inventory, press ‘F’ to open the backpack, where drag-and-drop functionality allows you to organize items with ease. To pick up small non-static objects, approach and press ‘E’, a prompt that adds to your convenience.

Now you can pick up item into inventory
Look at your own body

Programmable Editor and New Chest

Our new update takes the game creation experience a notch higher. The introduction of a simple reward chest empowers creators to motivate players through carefully curated rewards.

For Creators

Think of placing these chests at the end of a challenging level or hidden within the map, incentivizing players to explore every nook and corner. Our ongoing developments promise more such game objects, including lights, locks, and traps. The upcoming Programmable Editor upgrades will offer tools for in-depth object model editing and AI-integrated script generation for extensive function and data structure customization.

Edit the program of chest, set custom rewards

New Key Mapping: For an Intuitive Experience

We’ve revamped the key mapping to resemble the familiar Minecraft system. Our new key mapping is designed to be more efficient, making it easier for both veteran gamers and newcomers to adapt quickly. This revamped setup ensures a more streamlined, intuitive gaming experience.

Performance Improvements and Simulated Global Illumination

In our pursuit of delivering a seamless gaming experience, we’ve focused on enhancing performance in large scenes. Our tech wizards have worked on optimizing physics loading and multi-threading to reduce lag and enhance the responsiveness of the engine.

Open the chest and take the rewards by pressing E

Looking Forward

Our vision extends beyond the present. We’re working diligently to introduce more programmable game objects, and eagerly preparing for the launch of Riftwalker, an official adventure game designed for the Spatial Terminal Engine. A demo will be released later this month.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Gaming

We invite you to join our vibrant community, wishlist the Spatial Terminal Engine, and contribute to our future devlogs. Every step we take in this journey is a tribute to our commitment to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

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With Spatial Terminal Engine, embrace the freedom to build and play in an expansive voxel world. Dive into the world of limitless creativity and endless adventures.

Looking forward to you joining us in this exciting journey of voxel gaming, where creativity meets endless possibilities.

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