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0.6.0 Update: New Community Interface, Undo, More Mechanics

Enhancing Community Interaction

Explore new ways to connect with our latest community interfaces. Comment, like, or dislike maps and connect through creator profiles. More features like following and map collaboration are on the way.

Discover Trending Maps

The community marketplace is now a trending UI, highlighting fresh and popular maps. Dive into the latest creative content or find your creation rising.

Selection Visibility Updated

The blue outline for in-world selection has been replaced with a highlight for better visibility and functionality with large objects.

New Building Mechanics: Lights and Strings

Unleash new creativity with tools for building maps, lights, and string platforms. Create dark areas with light resources and help players navigate with unique string platforms.

Riftwalkers Demo Postponed

We’re working on fixing optimization issues on the Riftwalkers demo, particularly for older Mac platforms. We appreciate your patience as we resolve these problems.

Trailer Released

Check out the new trailer for a glimpse into the exciting world of Riftwalkers, showcasing a selection of engaging maps.

Support Us

We are currently a team of 3 college graduates. Currently, our studio is facing a bad financial situation. Please help us by adding Spatial Terminal to your Steam wishlist. Join our community of creators and embark on an adventure that will stretch the limits of your creativity.

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