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Announcing The 0.6.1 Update and First Riftwalker Demo

Embracing the philosophy of continuous enhancement and to inspire boundless creativity, we are ecstatic to unveil the monumental 0.6.1 update for the ST World and the much-anticipated First Riftwalker Demo.

Diving Deep Into The First Riftwalker Demo

Riftwalkers’ Adventure is not just another game—it’s a testament to the sheer power and capability of the ST World. This open-world adventure demo is our tribute to the gaming community, exhibiting the platform’s prowess in dual-era settings, showcasing our capability to render seamlessly across vast high-resolution voxel terrains.

In this demo, embark on an enchanting journey as the protagonist accidentally finds themselves in an ancient prison cave. Dive deep into the mysteries and secrets of a vanished ancient civilization, and witness the ST World’s brilliance in rendering beautiful fast voxel terrains.

The Ancient Prison Dungeon

Reimagined Performance

At the heart of ST World lies performance. With the 0.6.1 update, we’ve redesigned the map loading system from the ground up. Harnessing more CPU cores, innovating with memory allocation, and ensuring faster rendering speeds – our commitment to achieving a seamless experience is stronger than ever. Do note, large maps currently require 16 GB memory, and there are some ongoing performance considerations for Mac users. But fret not, our next update will delve deeper into memory optimization.

Unleashing New Mechanics

As we unveil the mysteries of the dungeon, we’re introducing an arsenal of new mechanics:

  • Stair Zones: Bring verticality to your block builds by defining stair zones, allowing players to ascend and descend with ease.
  • Traps: Intensify the challenge with bear traps and rotating knives. These obstacles promise to keep players on their toes, demanding strategic moves at every turn.
  • Enhanced Lava Mechanics: Jumping over lava isn’t as easy as before. Experience a slowed effect and navigate through the perilous terrains, keeping an eye out for the red-hot liquid.
  • Potions: Whether you’re down on health or looking for a temporary buff, our new potion mechanics have you covered. Use them to heal instantly or over time, offering a strategic edge in challenging situations.
  • Inscription and Papers: You can add in-game texts to guide the players now, making your own storyline.
Editor View of All New Mechanics
Programmable Editor for Setting Large Potion

Quality Like Never Before

Quality and user experience remain at the forefront of our design philosophy. With the 0.6.1 update, we’ve infused ST World with comprehensive tutorials, interactive hints, and immersive sound effects in the editor—ensuring every creator feels at home.

Our damage/heal indication system has also received a major overhaul. Now, with green and red screen edges, players can better gauge their in-game situation, ensuring strategic and informed decisions.

Join The Adventure

The ST World, with its cutting-edge technology, ensures every voxel-based dream turns into reality. Delve into expansive worlds, create mesmerizing terrains, and embark on adventures like never before.

Free Access on Steam: Steam Link

Join Our Discord Community: Discord Link

With every update, we’re inching closer to our vision—a voxel gaming world where the only limit is your imagination. Join us on this riveting journey, as we redefine the boundaries of creativity and gaming.

Looking forward to witnessing the marvels you create using the ST World. Let the adventures begin!

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