A Tutorial To Massive Terraforming

Discover the power of the latest smoother tool in ST Engine for enhanced landscape terraforming. This tutorial guides you through creating mountains and terrains, from planning to fine-tuning. Get ready to unleash your creativity!Read More

Introducing The 0.5.3 Massive Update

The journey of creativity and innovation continues as we unveil the highly-anticipated 0.5.3 update for the Spatial Terminal Engine. With more than 120 collective hours poured into the development process just within last three days, this monumental update represents our unwavering commitment to create an unparalleled gaming experience for our ever-expanding community. As we embark…Read More

A Tutorial To Create Stunning Voxel Art

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Devlog #1 – Transforming Builds into Engaging Experiences

Discover the fascinating journey of the Spatial Terminal Engine team as they strive to address the lack of purpose in their voxel worlds. Learn about their inspiration, approach to game design, and innovative system for turning worlds into playable games. Join their community and wishlist the engine for an unparalleled experience.Read More