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Devlog #0 – The Past Journey of Trials and Triumphs

Chapter 1: A Fateful Meeting and the Birth of Spatial Terminal

Our story starts in a college computer science class, where Bell and Yuan first crossed paths. Drawn together by their shared love for games and coding, they admired each other’s skills and passion. Yuan was a diehard fan of simulation games, while Bell, an aspiring AI researcher, was captivated by Zelda-like open-world games rich in storytelling.

Driven by their passion and a desire to empower creators, they embarked on a journey to develop a platform that would bridge the gap between game development and creative freedom. Joined by Elijah, a full-stack software engineer they met at their college’s entrepreneurship club, the trio combined their unique talents and laid the foundation for what would become Spatial Terminal.

A Very Early Version (0.0.x): Introduced Smoothed Rendering of Voxels

Chapter 2: A Community in the Making – Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

The founding team understood that the key to success lies in fostering a close-knit community. United by their love for gaming and creating, the Spatial Terminal community was determined to overcome every hardship and celebrate each other’s triumphs.

Over time, the creators and players joined forces to transform Spatial Terminal into a vibrant and supportive hub of artistic collaboration. The passion and dedication of users like Rev, Nourdan, NicDane, Ferdinand, and so many other players and creators drove the platform to new heights, inspiring countless others to join the journey.

Created by Our Community Member: Johnson Marshal

Chapter 3: Rising from the Ashes – Learning from Trials and Errors

The bold decision to integrate ChatGPT into Spatial Terminal would prove to be a critical learning experience. While Bell firmly believed in the AI technology’s potential, its actual implementation was nothing short of a disaster. This ambitious attempt to revolutionize the platform backfired, leading to frustration and disappointment among the users.

However, undeterred by this setback, the developers pressed on, incorporating valuable lessons into their future endeavors. The introduction of the Spawnable System and the Material AI powered by Stable Diffusion marked a new beginning for Spatial Terminal. These successful features demonstrated the team’s resilience and commitment to innovation, irrespective of the obstacles they faced.

ChatGPT-Based Terminal with Errors and Frequent Crashes

Chapter 4: A Testing Transformation – The Rebirth of Spatial Terminal

For any venture, some moments stand out as turning points. For Spatial Terminal, it was the team’s venture into virtual reality (VR) during its 0.2 version. The transition from PC to VR was a daring move, fraught with challenges, financial implications, and skepticism.

The developers grappled with difficult decisions, financial constraints, and countless trials and errors. However, clinging to their unwavering determination to succeed, Bell, Yuan, and Elijah pushed through the hardships.

Their perseverance paid off. As they pivoted back to PC development, Spatial Terminal emerged stronger, wiser, and ready to innovate. The experiences and lessons learned during the VR phase became integral to its growth, providing the foundation on which the platform now stands.

Spatial Terminal on Oculus Quest 2 (0.2.x)

Chapter 5: An Ever-Expanding Universe – Embracing an Uncertain Future, Together

As Spatial Terminal continues to evolve, so does its community of creators and players. Armed with the lessons learned from their previous trials, the team now looks forward to the release of the groundbreaking Spatial Terminal: Riftwalkers and the exploration of new frontiers.

Even as the future remains uncertain, one thing is clear: the Spatial Terminal community will continue to unite, overcome adversity, and celebrate the unlimited potential of gaming and creation.

Epilogue: A Journey Far from Over

Our story, like the journey of the Spatial Terminal community, doesn’t end here. Through weekly real-time devlogs, creators and players will remain connected, inspired, and engaged. As we look to the future, let us celebrate the adversity we faced, the triumphs we achieved, and the boundless potential that awaits.

Together, we’ll continue to journey through uncharted territories, standing united in our shared passion and creativity. For in the Spatial Terminal community, our stories are as limitless as the worlds we create.

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Stay tuned for the highly anticipated arrival of Riftwalkers, with a sneak peek of the game to be revealed in late June. Keep an eye out for our upcoming real-time devlogs and updates, as we continue to breathe life into the worlds we build, powered by your passion and our unwavering commitment to innovation.

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