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Devlog #2 – The Future of Game Design, Programmable Engine and Editor

What is the Programmable Engine and Editor

A New Era in Game Design: The Programmable Engine

In our continuous endeavor to revolutionize game design and empower creators, we are thrilled to tell more about our latest development: The Programmable Engine. This novel programming system is set to enhance the dynamics of game design in Spatial Terminal Engine. As our community of creators knows, Spatial Terminal Engine is dedicated to making world creation accessible and engaging. The Programmable Engine is the next step in our mission to simplify the game creation process while expanding creative possibilities.

When fully implemented, the Programmable Engine will enable creators to add game mechanics in both traditional coding and a no-code manner. This means changes to mechanics such as parameters or numbers can be easily made using our newly introduced Programmable Editor.

Game state controlling programmable objects – Endpoint

The Programmable Editor: Unleashing Ease and Accessibility

The Programmable Editor is a user-friendly interface designed to facilitate the customization of any program attached to an object or area. Imagine being able to open the editor on a weapon and adjust its strength or attack power. This capability will soon be a reality with the Programmable Editor.

Although program loading is not yet fully supported due to some unfinished mechanisms, we are fervently working on including built-in programs that control game states, such as checkpoints and endpoints. The editor will also cover traps and other physical components, light and torch elements, and simple melee weapons. The ability to modify the stats of these objects will soon be in the hands of our community of creators.

Once this engine is completed, we will release a full API that allows anyone to build their own mechanics in Spatial Terminal. Whether you prefer to code in C# or use our advanced GPT-4 powered script generator, the choice will be yours. With the latter, you’ll be able to describe the game element you want in natural language, and our GPT-4 AI will do the rest.

Editing rewards for a chest in Programmable Editor

The Journey of Developing Programmable Engine

Why Programmable Engine and Editor?

In our previous devlog, we delved into why our engine focuses on empowering human creators rather than relying solely on procedural generation. We learned that to create experiences that truly resonate with gamers, we need to offer creators the tools to infuse their own rules and innovations into their worlds. This is where the Programmable Engine and Editor come in.

Traditionally, achieving such a level of customization would require substantial programming knowledge. But we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Hence, we developed a system that minimizes the need for understanding complex programming concepts. The Programmable Editor does this by visualizing the storage fields of objects that truly matter, like weapon stats or physics force, making the creation process more accessible and focused.

Quick view version of Programmable Editor
Full view version of Programmable Editor

How GPT-4 is Incorporated into Our Solution

In today’s digital world, the ubiquity of AI is undeniable. Even in the realm of game design, AI has its place. With this in mind, we decided to leverage the power of GPT-4, a powerful generative AI, to make the creation of internal programs less complex. By using GPT-4, we can simplify the code generation process, making game mechanics creation more accessible to entry-level creators. Our team is currently developing a database of templates and fully documented APIs to ensure that the AI-generated script meets your requirements and can be compiled correctly every time.

Implementation Details: Making the Vision a Reality

A Fresh Approach to Runtime Compilation

Typically, integrating code patching into a software system would require software reloads due to various restrictions. We recognized the inconvenience this posed and decided on a different approach. Our unique method allows runtime compile programs to be dynamically integrated into our serialization system – the New Asset System in Spatial Terminal. This makes your new code function as seamlessly as the other parts of the program that are included in the original package.

Runtime-compiled serializable reward chest data script

Creating the API

The design of the API has been a result of extensive playtesting and mechanic development. We’ve been observing what works best, what’s most popular, and what needs refining, ensuring the API meets your needs. As of mid-July, we have already delivered the game control programs (checkpoint and endpoint) and reward chests. We are adding more.

Harnessing GPT-4: An AI-Powered Solution

Integrating GPT-4 into our solution is indeed a bit tricky. Fortunately, we have team members with extensive AI backgrounds who are working tirelessly to build a comprehensive solution. This solution connects our long documents and template database in our in-engine GPT console. Rest assured, we’ll be providing more details about this exciting development soon.

Current generative AI features under testing

A Glimpse into the Future

Our team’s extensive development efforts are bringing us closer to a future where creators can transform their maps into a comprehensive experience that delights all players, not just builders. The Programmable Engine and Editor promise a revolutionary leap in game design, offering an unprecedented level of creative freedom and accessibility.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Add Spatial Terminal to your Steam wishlist today and be part of the movement that’s shaping the future of game design. Despite being a small team of just three individuals, we’re passionate about making big changes in the world of gaming.

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