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Embracing the Power of Community and AI in Game Creation

The Vision

King’s Cross Railway Station built in Spatial Terminal Engine.

Back in 2022, a group of college graduates with a deep love for games and technology founded Spatial Terminal. Their love for games such as the Legend of Zelda, GTA, Cyberpunk, and Cities Skyline sparked the desire to create a gaming platform that breaks down the barriers associated with traditional game development – delays, high costs, and an intimidating learning curve. They drew inspiration from the supportive community of Cities Skylines’ Steam Workshop, where everyday creators could bring their artistic vision to life and share them with a global audience.

Thus, Spatial Terminal was born, a platform that melds the strengths of two powerful concepts: the power of a passionate community and the innovation of cutting-edge AI technology. The Spatial Terminal community is just as much a part of this journey as we are, building, creating, and growing together.

Introducing the Material Sparse Voxel Engine (MatEngine)

Dive into the intricate world of our Materialized SDF Rendering Engine; a world where every voxel of information counts.

One of our key technological pillars is the Material Sparse Voxel Engine (MatEngine), created by our founder, a generative AI researcher. The goal was to overcome the limitations of traditional game engines that were ill-equipped to integrate with advanced AI technologies.

MatEngine uses a tree-based structure to store voxel data, deploying a real-time editing and rendering algorithm on compressed data. This approach enables us to achieve high levels of compression and optimization, enabling us to render detailed, expansive, high-fidelity worlds that run smoothly across devices, all while requiring minimal memory.

Embracing AI in Game Creation

Going beyond the traditional game creation process, Spatial Terminal incorporates the Generative AI, an AI that can learn from your creation. With future updates, this AI will be able to generate personalized levels, provide 3D super-resolution, and even guess 3D models, all designed to take the creative experience to the next level.

Our AI Terminal is integrated with ChatGPT, enabling creators to shape and transform their worlds with simple natural language descriptions. This combined with our Material Generator powered by Stable Diffusion allows creators to generate high-fidelity material blocks with natural language descriptions, which empowers your artistic vision in unprecedented ways.

A glimpse into the magic of our AI-powered console; with a single description, a grassland with flowers spawned, accelerating the process of creating natural environment.

The Journey So Far and the Road Ahead

Since our alpha pre-launch in November 2022, we’ve amassed nearly 9,000 sign-ups and have welcomed over 4,000 downloads since we joined Steam. We have received incredible feedback, particularly from Minecraft builders who appreciate the high-fidelity graphics our engine allows them to create, all without having to install a single mod.

However, our journey is far from over. We have grand plans to add more game mechanics and expand our AI engine to allow creators to generate game mechanics directly from natural language descriptions. We’re also working on an official signature open world with a rich narrative and varied gameplay to showcase the potential of our engine.

Building a Community of Creators

At the heart of Spatial Terminal is our vibrant community. We are constantly working on initiatives to foster engagement, like hosting building contests and rewarding creators for their contributions.

An old middle-aged town with a church and trees by the side of the road. Experience the thrill of creating such scenes with your own hands, and the camaraderie of a supportive community.

We believe in learning from each other, in sharing and growing together. Our marketplace is a treasure trove filled with maps, assets, and mechanics scripts created by our users, offering valuable learning resources for new creators.

Whether you want to recreate the high-fidelity graphics of a AAA title or experiment with a unique art style, our engine provides the flexibility and tools to bring your vision to reality. The only limit is your imagination.

Closing Thoughts

Join us as we reshape the landscape of game development, and enter a new era where every player is a creator, and every idea can come to life. Welcome to Spatial Terminal. Let’s build worlds together.

Please follow us on social media, where we will continue to post updates and reveal more details, such as the theme and backstory of our signature open world game. Stay tuned and be this exciting story unfold!

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