Play and Build Astonishing Games with Blocks


Create Your Dream World

Infinite maps. The only limitation is your imagination.

High-Fidelity Graphics

ST World brings you high-quality graphics without settings.

Fully Editable Worlds

Share your personality by building with your own style.

Material Tools

3D creation like never before. As easy as your imagination.

AI For Unlimited Creativity

Generative AI engine brings unlimited material.

Stable Diffusion Built-In

Enable unlimited options for genres and styles.

Next Generation Human Art

We aim to define next-generation digital human art.

Spatial Computing

AR support is coming soon. Migrate your worlds to future devices.

More Details, Less Memory

Revolutionary voxel structure enables tens times more compression than Minecraft.


The advanced engine makes infinite smaller blocks possible.

Latest Update


Introducing The 0.5.3 Massive Update


A Tutorial To Create Stunning Voxel Art


Devlog #1 – Transforming Builds into Engaging Experiences


Present-Day Wonders of Riftwalkers, A Tale of Two Cities in a Dual-Era Universe


Devlog #0 – The Past Journey of Trials and Triumphs


Unveiling Riftwalkers: An Dual-Era Open World Concept in the ST Universe

Let's create a virtual planet together

Eventually, when we combine all player creations, a new planet is born.