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ST World

Full Name
Spatial Terminal World

Short Names
ST World


ST World is a next-generation voxel game engine and platform that specializes in voxel world building and no-code mechanics editing. With advanced system design and state-of-the-art AI, creative input in 3D space is more accessible than ever.

The engine integrates powerful building tools to assist creators in quickly building architectures, environments, and game levels. In addition to its building capabilities, the integration of a runtime modding system, large language model, and Programmable Editor enables real-time mechanics editing, redefining the game design experience.

The engine allows players to switch between Play Mode and Editor Mode freely once they reach the endpoint of a map or game level, making the modding experience extremely accessible. Together with the online community platform integrated within the engine, creators can easily share their creations and interact with a community of other creators.

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Technical Specs

  • Supported Platforms - Windows and MacOS
  • Voxel Rendering and Editing - MatEngine (Material-Based Sparse Voxel Engine)
  • Voxel Resolution - 8 By Default, Maximum 16. (8 means 1 cubic meter contains 8*8*8 cubes)
  • Modding Capabilities - Programmable Engine (supporting runtime compiling)
  • Rendering and Shading - Unity Universal Render Pipeline 12.0 (graphics modding not supported yet)
  • Physics - NVIDIA Physx and MatEngine Physics
  • Language Written - C# and HLSL
  • Memory Requirement - Minimum 8 GB, Recommended 16 GB
  • Disk Requirement - Minimum 8 GB Space, SSD Recommended

User Testimonial

  • Greetings to all who love to create and build without a clear purpose. The new sandbox game "Spatial Terminal" may intrigue you; though currently a bit bare and not quite surpassing giants like Minecraft, it's an innovative game with decent potential, particularly in voxel world building. It's lightweight, free, and if the developer continues to enhance it, could become something truly delectable. If you itch to build something, it offers a fair number of blocks to experiment with.
    - Translated and Summarized from Russian Steam player NEON DEMON (During Free Test)
  • Definitely an Alpha game but worth a try. I am new to this game and I will continue to post updates as I continue playing it. I really like the feature that allows me to create AI generated blocks.
    Please, please, please add rainbow stained glass and flowing water! The game reeeeeeeaaaaaly neeeeeeds it.
    - From Steam player orthopedicsushi
  • Great option for those who enjoy building, it's pretty similar to the creative mode of Minecraft. You are free to build whatever you want, there are many options of cubes and decorations to use. It would be nice if you added ambient music, since it has none. I hope the developers keep working on this!
    - From Steam player valeto
  • The team [should] create a small version of ST, very minimalistic. You start it, [and] it’s gonna be like an AI 3d Modeling Software, in which you can create something in cooperation with at, and in the end you have the possibility to extract it as .obj or .glb, or even .schematic directly ... I’m sure a lot of people would pay a monthly subscription for that.
    - From a commission Minecraft builder


The engine was originally designed by Bell Chen in 2021 as a hobby project with the aim of creating an AI-native game engine. It is currently owned and operated by ST Platform Inc.

The engine's first public reveal was in November 2022 with version number 0.4.0. It is an Alpha version available for download on the official website, with a launcher exclusively for the Windows platform.

On January 12, 2023, the engine was launched on Steam as an early access game title, available for free. Thanks to its easy voxel building and high graphic quality, it attracted a lot of past Minecraft players.

In March 2023, the engine received updates with several AI features. In April 2023, the first online map sharing platform was integrated into the engine.

The team has planned a Summer Major Launch that will roll out several important features in August 2023.