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Smoother Tool Preview – Major Summer Update

First Update to Building Tools in 10 Months

Remember our last building tools launch in Alpha? Freeform enabled non-axle shaping of lines, platforms, and cuboids, bringing unlimited freedom in building architecture. However, we have received so much feedback that the terraforming in the Spatial Terminal Engine is inconvenient and slow. After careful design decisions, we are launching the fourth building tool – Smoother.

Using Smoother in Riftwalkers Dungeon

What can smoother do?

Smoother can detect the surface curvature of any voxel structure and perform a smoothing operation on it. Smoother provides 4 different size options, enabling the application ranging from building curved corners of a building to larger scale terraforming.

One of the recommended use cases is to build curved hills and cliffs. In the second clip of the showcase, the builder creates a cuboid platform with the Volume tool, and then smooths the corners to blend the structure into the surroundings. In this way, you can roughly define the shapes with other tools and use smoothing to blend and cut out all the corners.

How do we achieve it?

We have tried various solutions, but the most effective approach is to identify surface points from the sparse voxel structure and carry out real-time surface reconstruction. The approximated surface will be smoothed and compared to the original voxel shapes.

Full Showcase

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