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A Tutorial To Create Stunning Voxel Art

Discover the endless possibilities of creating incredible voxel art using the cutting-edge Spatial Terminal Engine. Unlock your creativity with its powerful tools and transform your ideas into stunning masterpieces!

Crafting Masterpieces with Ease: Spatial Terminal Engine’s Voxel Toolset

Achieve beautiful and intricate voxel artwork with Spatial Terminal Engine’s powerful toolset. For instance, a user named Rev, a professional Minecraft builder and architecture student, found that Spatial Terminal’s high-resolution voxels and freeform tools were perfect for bringing his architectural capabilities to life.

Contemporary building created in Spatial Terminal Engine.

Speaking with Rev, he is an ardent admirer of how Spatial Terminal’s capabilities enabled him to explore his architectural creativity to the fullest. Use this as inspiration and motivation to discover the incredible potential of Spatial Terminal Engine’s tools for your artwork.

Spatial Terminal Engine offers an array of unique and versatile voxel art tools, providing artists with endless possibilities for their creations. This software allows users to create everything from ancient buildings to modern architecture, including bridges, towers, and full sceneries.

Easy-to-use Interface

Crafted with users in mind, Spatial Terminal Engine’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it quick and convenient to learn. For individuals familiar with Minecraft, the transition to Spatial Terminal Engine will be practically seamless.

The software also caters to casual gamers who can quickly adapt to the tools and controls. Start exploring the limitless world of voxel art with Spatial Terminal Engine and let your imagination run free.

Users can even control weather and time to craft intricate and immersive environments. This tutorial post will briefly introduce the features, while more detailed tutorials on each art style will be available in the future.

Another work from Rev.

Advanced Freeform Tool

Redefine the boundaries of voxel art with Spatial Terminal’s advanced Freeform tool. Users can create off-grid lines, platforms, and volumes, bringing complex architectural structures to life with ease and precision.

Craft anything from stunning futuristic towers to breathtaking ancient buildings. The possibilities and styles are virtually endless.

Use Freeform Tool to Draw an off-grid line.

If you’re interested in learning about all the tools available in Spatial Terminal Engine, view our full tutorial here: A Tutorial to Build Your 3D Voxel World Like a Pro

Control Your Artistic Style: Material and Texture Customization

Spatial Terminal Engine already offers an extensive library of materials, colors, and textures of different styles, giving you full control of your artistic style.

Create new material from natural language description.

While the current version cannot scale textures, the roadmap includes adding depth maps to make PBR materials look even more realistic. Also in the pipeline is the ability for users to import custom materials, which further expands personalization in your voxel art.

Customize texture with material AI.

No Boundaries: Create Art of Any Size and Kind

Spatial Terminal Engine’s dynamic capabilities prove that your creativity has no limits. The vibrant community of Spatial Terminal Engine users continues to share intriguing creations, inspiring one another to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

It also has no limitation of what kind of art you want to create. For instance, a user created a fully functioning QR code using the engine. Check out the image below, and try scanning it yourself!

QR code created by NicDane

Connect with the Spatial Terminal Engine Community

Although we organized building contests in the past, we are currently focusing on further developing the marketplace support. However, very soon, there will be contests hosted directly within the Spatial Terminal Engine marketplace.

Imperial Titan created by JARRAMY 15 from Steam Community

In the meantime, we will be offering free keys and playtesting sessions in our Discord channel! Engage in discussions, share your creations, and learn from other talented artists in Discord Community.

By joining the community, you can explore the fascinating world of voxel art alongside like-minded individuals. Participate in the collaborative environment and witness your creativity evolve. Also please wishlist our Steam Page.

Take the first step towards creating your personalized voxel art masterpieces and sign up for Spatial Terminal Engine today. The world of endless imagination and possibilities awaits!

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