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A Tutorial To Massive Terraforming


With the introduction of the latest smoother tool in ST Engine (Smoother Preview), the ability to terraform landscapes has been greatly enhanced. This tutorial provides a clear guide on how to use this feature to create large-scale mountains and complex terrains. The process will be divided into planning and outlining, blending, and fine-tuning.

Snow mountain preview in Riftwalkers

Step 1: Planning and Outlining

Determine the Terrain Type

Before beginning, it is essential to decide on the specific terrain you wish to create, be it snow-capped mountains, desert landscapes, or cave systems. Investigate the materials and geological features typical of these terrains.

  • For mountains, consider the layering of snow and rock, taking into account weather exposure.
  • For deserts, research what materials may lie beneath the sand.
Outlining base structure

Outline the Basic Structure

After planning, start outlining the terrain using tools such as volume and brush to create the basic structure.

  • Utilize the volume tool to create a substantial foundation for mountains.
  • Employ cuboid shapes to represent hills and cliffs roughly.

Step 2: Blending

Combine Materials

Blending is the next phase in the process. Here, you’ll combine the outlined structure to create a unified terrain.

  • Using examples such as mountains and hills, you can grow and shape your landscape.
  • Various tools allow for the quick outlining and blending of terrain to reach the desired appearance.
Initial blending with Smoother

Step 3: Finetuning

Refine the Landscape

Finetuning utilizes the smoother tool to mix materials and achieve refined effects.

  • The tool has two modes: one for detecting materials on the terrain, and the other for specific control.
  • For example, snow can be highlighted, layered over dirt, and blended together.

Feel free to adjust the base structure, and remember that the smoother tool can be adjusted in size for quicker processing.

Redo part of base terrain
Redo blending and fine-tuning with pine trees

Current Performance Concern

Please be aware that extensive terraforming at high detail levels may require significant memory. Currently, 16 GB of memory is recommended for uninterrupted operation. A forthcoming patch will soon enable users with 8 GB or even 4 GB of memory to engage in extensive terraforming.


The smoother tool in ST Engine provides a powerful means for creating realistic and intricate natural environments. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, creators can make use of this tool to produce striking and lifelike terrains. As the technology continues to evolve, the opportunities for creativity and innovation within the community are boundless. Happy terraforming!

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