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Unveiling Riftwalkers: An Dual-Era Open World Concept in the ST Universe

We are delighted to unveil Spatial Terminal: Riftwalkers, an innovative voxel open-world adventure game, cultivated within Spatial Terminal, our cutting-edge open-world creation engine. Designed not only to showcase the vast capabilities of Spatial Terminal but to also lay the foundation for an immersive, community-driven gaming experience, Riftwalkers signifies a revolutionary leap in voxel-based gameplay and user-generated content.

Riftwalkers‘ Background Story

In Riftwalkers, you start your journey on the streets of Tachimi City. Aboard an ordinary subway train, the world suddenly turns upside down. Gravity reverses, space twists, and you’re pulled into an unknown void. Waking up within a multi-tiered underground dungeon, you find remnants of an advanced civilization that once harnessed quantum technology for space travel, only to vanish under unexplained circumstances.

Initial Game Concept and Artwork

Concept Art 1 – Lava Chambers

It is an intricate labyrinth of stone chambers encircling a molten heart — a first look at the enigmatic underground dungeon in the ancient world of Riftwalkers. Please notice that the actual game world will be rendered with our cutting-edge voxel engine, MatEngine. With compressive high-resolution voxel and PBR materials, we will deliver a captivating and realistic gaming experience.

Concept Art 2 – Ancient Prison

This is the upper dungeon level, where sunlight seeps through cracks, illuminating a throne echoing tales of a once grand civilization.

Concept Art 3 – Passage

An ancient stone stairway leads from the confines of a prison chamber towards the surface. Light pierces the darkness, hinting at freedom and the promise of the world beyond in ancient world of Riftwalkers.

Possible Reuse of Maps

At Spatial Terminal, we deeply value and celebrate the creativity of our user community. Some of the exquisite maps crafted by our creators have left indelible impressions. We are considering incorporating some of these incredible works into Riftwalkers, breathing new life into these familiar landscapes while enhancing the depth of our game world.

East Village

A meticulously designed middle-aged town featuring a solemn church — a testament to the bygone era, set to be revitalized in Riftwalkers.

The Tower

A fascinating juxtaposition of daunting towers and small, uniquely styled houses, showcasing an intriguing clash of architectural styles.

The Palace in the Forest

A regal palace ensconced in the heart of an enchanting forest, whispering tales of ancient royalty and set to provide a majestic landmark in the ancient world of Riftwalkers.

By integrating these community creations, we not only enrich the gaming experience in Riftwalkers but also celebrate the brilliant talent and imagination within our community.

Game Mechanics

Riftwalkers fuses Spatial Terminal’s state-of-the-art physics and building mechanics into a uniquely interactive and creative sandbox adventure.

Survival: Gather resources, craft tools, and construct shelters within the challenging environment of the ancient world.

Building: Much like Minecraft, manipulate the voxel-based world to your advantage, a critical strategy for overcoming challenges and progressing in the game. Our building tool tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to mastering this powerful mechanic: Building Tutorial

Physics-based Puzzles: Embark on solving complex puzzles deeply rooted in realistic physics, where your constructions and the environment play a crucial role.

Dual-Era Exploration: Embark on an unprecedented multi-world open-world journey, traversing through two distinct timelines — the ancient past and the present. Discover secrets and solve mysteries that straddle both eras, and experience the stark contrast that time imprints on identical landscapes.

Community-Powered Experience

At the heart of Riftwalkers lies a commitment to community participation and content creation. In Spatial Terminal, you must complete a level (reach the endpoint defined by the original creator) to unlock Edit Mode. This unique feature empowers you to modify existing levels freely and create new games within the game. At any point, you can switch back to Play Mode to test your creations.

Our Edit Mode, coupled with our Minecraft-like voxel toolset, makes modifying and expanding Riftwalkers, or any game within Spatial Terminal, a truly immersive and creative endeavor. We invite every player to shape the worlds they play in, building upon stories, designing new puzzles, and essentially becoming game designers in their own right.

Development Timeline

Our dedicated team is passionately working on Riftwalkers, with the initial dungeon slated for completion by late June 2023. Upon release, we will offer the entire editable level for free download from the Spatial Terminal Marketplace. From that point forward, we will continue to expand the multi-world universe of Riftwalkers, and we can’t wait to see how our community will take part in shaping these worlds.

Join our Testing and Building Team

Interested in beta testing new features? Or maybe you want to contribute to our signature open-world game as a builder? We welcome you to join us. Please contact us through our Discord community to get involved.

Early Access Download: Steam Store
Join Our Community: Discord Community

Spatial Terminal: Riftwalkers represents not just a game, but a vision for a community-powered open-world gaming experience enabled by the Spatial Terminal engine. We are eager to see this vision come to life and look forward to sharing more updates as we delve deeper into this mysterious civilization lost in time. Stay tuned, and let’s create together!

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