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Game Creation should be

Easy and Enjoyable

We are dedicated to create a set of AI and block-based tools that is easy for everyday users, so everyone can customize their digital extended reality. If you enjoy playing sandbox, building your own virtual world, and earning prizes from your creativity, then you came to the right place.


We designed our entire system to be intelligent. We are working on an enormous AI system that can automate creation task and make game creation more accessible. In the future updates, you will be able to ask AI to turn your house into a tropical forest. Not only for the creation, we will bring more AI magics to 3D like style transfer, super resolution, and personalization.

not monopolized

We believe the digital extended world is open and not monopolized. All creators gain full control of their creations, but not company. ST's Fractional Copyright Infrastructure allows anyone to manage intellectual properties they own, licensing to the major digital world, and earn the royalty.

powered by ST's Technologies

Materialized SDF Rendering Engine (MatEngine)

All experiences are powered by our highly compressive 3D structures that support play-to-build on all devices including mixed reality. In the future versions, the game scene will interact with real-world physics and chemistry, be fully destructible, and be equipped with ray tracing, enabling much more game plays.

ST Engine Early Demo
Mine the ground in MatEngine
MatEngine, Behind the scene
MatEngine, Behind the scene

ST Generative AI Engine

Here's the magic. Your creation can be learned by artificial intelligence. We will deliver ST AI Engine in the future, potentially enabling personalized level generation, 3D super-resolution, and 3D model guessing, upgrading the creating and playing experience to a whole new level.

Fractional Copyright (Postponed)

This is not an NFT scam or investment vehicle, instead an actual technology based on blockchains. Creators can manage their intellectual properties all-in-one platform. A single production can be contributed by and owned by thousands of independent creators without a team structure, enabling the creation of infinite open worlds in the future.


  • Jan 2022

    Oculus Demo

    The first ever working version of ST World Engine. Contact us privately if you want to try it out on your Oculus Quest!

  • Sep 2022

    Private Alpha

    We are bringing 3D building capability to PC. Join our waitlist to gain access. First come first serve. We will reach out through email.

  • Nov 2022

    Public Alpha

    We will launch the engine publically on our launcher and Steam.

  • Apr 2023

    Public Beta

    We will add a marketplace for everyone to share assets from a small object to an entire map and a play mode where you can build your own fort and weapon to survive.

  • July 2023

    AI Beta

    ST Engine will be equipped with stable-diffusion-powered Material Creators, LLM-powered scripting console, and marketplace Intelligent Search.

Let's create a virtual planet together

Eventually, when we combine all player creations, a new planet is born.